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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> tonight. we are learning that the surviving boston bombing suspect is now communicating with officials. jawhar tsarnaihyev , has been communicating through writing. federal officials are working to move forward in the legal proceedings. tsar-naih-yev has yet to be charged. john lorinc has a look at today's developments. >> reporter: the world is waiting for answers from 19- year-old dzhokar tsarnaev. >> "he's not at a condition to be interrogated at this point in time." >> reporter: the sole surviving boston bombing
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suspect remains hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his neck. a justice department official says he'll face federal terrorism, and possibly state murder charges. boston's police commissioner says there may have been more attacks if authorities hadn't stopped tsarnaev and his older brother, tamerlan. >> "we have reason to believe, based upon the evidence that was found at that scene, the explosions, the explosive ordinance that was unexploded and the fire power that, they had that they were going to attack other individuals." >> reporter: in 2011, the f- b-i says it interviewed tamerlan, after russian authorities alerted the u-s government. the elder tsarnaev then made a six-month trip to russia in 2012, but his exact whereabouts and activities are unclear. >> "the ball was dropped in one of two ways, the fbi missed a lot of things is one potential answer, or our laws do not allow the fbi to follow-up in a sound, solid way." tamerlan's youtube channel linked to a video featuring a well-known jihadist. who was killed by russian forces last december. there is no evidence tamerlan was associated with any international jihadist
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groups. >> "you feel a little safer right now, knowing that the ones that did it aren't here anymore, and now it's just about trying to move on and put the pieces together and get ready for next year." in boston - life is slowly returning to normal -- the site of the bombings is still a crime scene. sunday workers tore down the last remnants of the marathon. mayor thomas menino says the city has developed a five-phase plan to re-open boylston street, which he says is now the most famous street in the world. i'm john lorinc reporting. >> massachusetts' governor is asking residents to observe a moment of silence monday at the time the first of two bombs exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon. the one-minute silent tribute to victims is scheduled for 2:50 p.m. and will be followed by the ringing of bells in boston and elsewhere in massachusetts. it marks one week since the attacks that killed three people and wounded more than 180 others. but red sox first baseman david ortiz didn't stay silent, in fact he shared some colorful language at last nights game about the recent events.
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>> this is our (bleep ) city >> the words were so powerful that t-shirts are already being made with the iconic sentence on them. f-c-c chairman tweeted afterwards that he would not be fining david ortiz -- who is affectionately referred to by the people of boston as big papi. the chairman added that ortiz spoke from the heart. saying that the f-c-c stands with ortiz and the people of boston. >> kinders deli in martinez is showing support for young boston bombing victim aaron hern-- who was badly wounded by shrapnel. aaron's dad, alan hern, is the football coach at alhambra high school in martinez. today, all workers of the deli sported alhambra high school football jerseys to show support of 11- year old- aaron hern- and his family. kinders is donating 15 percent of its sales to the hern family. aaron hern underwent several surgeries at boston's children hospital earlier this week. he is expected to make a
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full recovery. we'll continue to bring you the latest updates on the suspect and the victims of the boston marathon. here on kron 4. and on our website. at kron4 dot com. tonight, authorities are estimating that between 10 and 15 thousand people participated in yesterday's unofficial 4-20 event in golden gate park. april 20th has turned into an unofficial counterculture holiday.that's been growing in size over the years. but as kron four's philippe djegal shows us from cellphone video. that mellow celebration also turned violent. >> what started this brawl? >> we don't know. >> but what we do know. >> is that it got out of hand, quickly. >> and, dozens of people were involved. >> who were possibly intoxicated. pushing, shoving, punching. >> people getting thrown to the ground.
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>> and, eventually, a man grabs a guitar. and, smashes another man on his side with it. here's another angle of the man wailing the guitar. the brawl caught on tape from several viewpoints. the san francisco police say they were not notified about the incident. and, did not respond. on a typical day, some five officers patrol this area. on saturday, there were 50. >> they have been doing this for a least 20 years. it seems that it is getting bigger and my personal experience is that this is the biggest. >> reporter: city officials estimate the crowd at close to 15-thousand people. making it one of the largest unpermitted events police say they've ever seen. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> team coverage continues
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as kron4's maureen kelly shows us the mess golden gate park city workers found themselves stuck cleaning up after that big marijuana smoke out that took place yesterday >> after the smoke cleared.rec and park workers found this section of the park covered with this video you can see most of the mess is confined to hippie hill.but as bad as this looks.the gardeners i spoke to it was way worse when they first showed up at 6:30 this morning.and the mess was spread across the entire meadow. 25 workers were called in.many on pick up after those who didn't bother.piles and piles of garbage.liquor bottles.and cigarette packs.litter associated with pot smoking.and it's after affects. the lawn was scarred in several places after smoldering charhere you can see someone left behind their bbq.where many others dumped piles of briquettes on the lawn.which many had
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been left smoldering. people showing up to enjoy the park sunday were upset by the mess. even some people who partied this woman.,.,.were mad when they saw the aftermath. but this reveler.who volunteered to help pick up.thought critics should mellow out.because of the economic benefit to the neighboring businesses.which sold a lot of the receptacles now left littering the ground. >> it was worth because people were getting together and having some fun. >> the parks and recreation says that this is going to cost them all $11,000. normally the of bed organizers would pay for that but because this did not because of -- this was not an event that would have an organizer. here's a breakdown of the police activity surrounding the four-twenty celebration. there were seven felony arrests. six of them for possession and use of narcotics. five misdemeanor arrests.
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mostly for drunk and disorderly conduct. thirty citations were handed out. mostly for drinking alcohol from an open container. and, today, at least 54 citations were handed out to people for illegally camping in golden gate park overnight. >> and it was the warmest and day of the year so far. hot temperatures inland almost 90 degrees in fairfield. 89 degrees and 90's in the south bay. all the way up to the bay. and we have more warm weather on the way for the next few days. this log view over san francisco, with clear skies. live view. warm temperatures on monday, tuesday, we are going to continue to see the wind out of the north. when that wind comes out of the north sea breeze is delayed. another warm day. mid-70s in
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san francisco 80s in oakland. again, nearly 90 degrees for walnut creek. note it is going to be cooler on tuesday. coming up on the kron 4 news at 11. a deadly shooting at a hayward neighborhood has residents wondering who the victim is. plus. a man shot while walking near his home has oakland's rockridge residents on edge tonight. and more victims of the west texas fertilizer plant explosion. why so many were first responders. those stories and more, next. you kids should count yourselvt have u-versebac.
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>> a shooting in a hayward neighborhood leaves one person dead and residents trying to figure out who the unknown victim was. kron 4's alecia reid brings us the scene and the latest in the investigation. >> reporter: hayward police have been actively investigating this homicide. canvassing streets, this 26 year-old was shot on franklin avenue. police said that the died from his injuries early sunday
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morning at a hospital. neighbors from this residents did not speak to us on camera but this is a questionable residents. this is the second homicide in hayward this year. alecia reed, kron 4 news. >> this just in to the kron 4 news room one person is dead tonight after a fatal accident on southbound 101 in san jose. a solo vehicle was reported after 8:00 p.m. near the off ramp. the c h p has shot down the two right lanes. this investigation and what cost thicaused this? is coming up. >> boy scouts of america. about a plan to partially lift the scouts longtime ban on gays. >> a nice evening for tonight. lots of sunshine. and more warm temperatures.
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your forecast, coming up.
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>> tonight police are searching for a suspect who they say shot a man during a robbery on a quiet neighborhood street in rockridge. kron 4's scott rates has the latest in the case, and talks to an oakland city councilmember about the shooting. >> reporter: investigators said that this was on a saturday, 9:30 a man, woman were walking home from a restaurant. the robber
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approached them and put out a gun and demanded cash. the suspect pulled the trigger, and shot him in the shoulder. several neighbors that i spoke with. he is the oakland city council member and i spoke to him about this latest crime. >> what can we do as individuals and families to reduce the likelihood that will be subjected to violent crime? should we be more aware of our surrounding. or house alarm. or walking in large groups. i hope that he is going to live a full recovery that is the most important thing. >> reporter: we did see oakland police on patrol. the man that was shot is expected to be okay. and the robert did not get away with anything. the robber-it did not get away with anything. scott rates, kron 4 news.
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>> everyone is safe following a nursing home fire in santa clara. the fire started a little after five this evening. it all began in the garage of the nursing home. all the residents were evacuated and there were no reported injuries. a short time later the residents were allowed to return. no word on what started the fire. officials and family members have identified four more first responders who died in last week's fertilizer plant explosion in west texas. at least fourteen people were killed in that blast. west's mayor says that ten of the fourteen people who died were first responders. today officials let a group of reporters visit the area around the blast site. the fire marshal says that all of the fires have been put out and the remaining fertilizer tanks are no longer in danger. the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. >> nice weather, this live look. with clear skies. clear inland and by the bay. nice beach weather and that will continue as we go towards next week. at least
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for the beginning and temperatures are really warming. away from the ocean like antioch. san jose, currently in the mid 60s. but we have seen the sea breezes and oakland, san francisco, upper 50s. richmond. for tomorrow, look for more sunshine. nearly record-breaking temperatures like they were today. inland, nearly 90 degrees. for tuesday, war. and especially for the standards for the month of april. warm. >> and again, thursday, more morning fog. here is futurecast. on 3:00 p.m., tomorrow noticed that red. north of santa rosa, the east bay, the temperatures are in the hottest spots. the low 90s. 80s with the
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exception of the coast. and as we advanced towards tuesday notice it is still warm but not that bad. clear skies, temperatures in the 50s. with the exception of the santa rosa, napa. upper 40's with the livermore valley. for the afternoon, look for some warm, hot temperatures. the warmest will be towards south san jose. and 87 degrees for mid '80s in san jose. palo alto. temperatures will be nearly 90 degrees for pittsburgh. antioch, livermore. and even near the bay, 70's and 80's. '70s on tap for san francisco. and low 80s in
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oakland the same in san mateo. your kron 4 7 day around the bay this entire week looks like a nice day with lots of sunshine. we will see some low clouds by the time thursday and friday roll around. generally, a cooling trend. 60s. >> the boy scouts of america are proposing to partially lift its longtime ban on homosexuals. this proposal comes after weeks of private deliberation between the organizations leadership. it would allow openly gay scouts to join the boy scouts but it would still prevent openly gay adult leaders from participating. here's what some of the people within the boy scouts had to say about the proposal to lift the ban. >> i don't see a problem if they let the youth in or the adults in. i don't see the big deal about it. >> it's good for the organization to set back and look at how the world is changing and look at the views of how things are today. i mean things aren't the same as they used to be.
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>> reporter: the proposal will be submitted to the roughly 14-hundred voting members of the b-s-a's national council. with the vote scheduled for the week of may 20th. many businesses are fighting a new proposal by california. that proposal would require companies to show consumers the personal information they've collected from them and how it's being used. in a letter to lawmakers 15 companies say that the bill would open up an avalanche of inquiries. >> new tonight at eleven. a group of up to nine foriegners travelling through afghanistan via helicopter have been abducted by taliban insurgents. this after the helicopter they were travelling was forced to land in the azra district in logar province. that district is known to be controlled by the taliban. and according to b-b-c the taliban say they have the group. at this time it is not known why the helicopter came down. but the united nations says the aircraft is not one of theirs. china reports there's been another bird flu death. which now raises the death toll to at least 18. that word -- from the official xinhua news agency.
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state media also reported several new infections related to the h-7-n-9 virus. health officials have raised concerns about the source of the virus - since many patients had no contact with poultry. but the world health organization still says there's no evidence of transmission between people. >> coming up after the break. the sharks playing against the columbus blue jackets have a chance to clinch their ninth-straight postseason birth. but could they get it done? the answer coming up next. kron 4 news is rolling out a new program called kron rewards. for the entire month of april, watch kron 4 news at eight in the morning or eight at night and you can earn valuable points you can redeem for prizes, cash cards or exclusive kron 4 items. we'll show you a word of the day during those times, you then enter that word on kron 4 rewards and start earning points. go to kron 4 dot com and click on rewards.
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>> barry zito pitched spectacularly and buster posey hit his first home run of the year. as the san francisco giants finished up a sweep of the san diego padres with a five-to-zero win. zito pitched seven innings and only gave up five hits while striking out four. then chad gaudin came in and pitched the eighth and ninth to give the giants their twelfth win of the year. the giants still remain one-and-a-half games behind the colorado rockies for first place in the n-l west. tomorrow the diamondbacks
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come to town for a three- game series. after starting the season on a tear the oakland a's dropped all three games against the rays. losing today eight-to-one victory. starting pitcher tommy milone -- who started the season on a three game win streak -- gave up six runs over six-and-two-third- innings. for the second day in a row a's hitters only managed to get three hits. now they head to boston for a three game series against the red sox before coming back to oakland. the sharks came close to clinching a playoff spot tonight but fell just short -- losing to the blue jackets four-to-three. san jose overcame a two-goal deficit and tied the game up but ryan johansen scored a tiebreaking goal with a- minute-and-37-seconds to go. all the sharks needed to do was win the game or take it to overtime to clinch their ninth-straight playoff spot. now with only three games left to play the sharks turn their attention to their final home game which is set for tuesday against the dallas stars. warriors all-star power-
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great weather. maybe we are going to play hooky? >> not only is it going to be nice to beautiful. >> and remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month
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